TV/Radio/Media Appearances

BBC One Show, Nov 2015
BBC One Show, Oct 2015

I’m always interested in finding new outlets to share some of the great stories and sources that I encounter in my research. Over the years I’ve been a consultant for, presented and appeared in, a wide variety of television and radio productions, some of which are listed below. If you are a television/radio/production company and wish to contact me, please do so either through the press office at the University of Exeter, ( or directly, through my email

Cerys Matthews with Dr Alun Withey, 23rd June 2013, after appearing on her show
Cerys Matthews with Dr Alun Withey, 23rd June 2013, after appearing on her show (and playing guitar!)

Here’s some of my recent appearances on TV/Radio and public sessions.

  • The Times Radio, ‘Phil Williams Show’, 2021
  • ABC Australia, ‘Nightline’, 2021
  • BBC Radio 3, ‘Time Travellers’, 2017- present
  • BBC Radio 4, ‘The Long View’, August 2017
  • BBC Radio 4, ‘The Today Programme’, November 2016
  • Sky News ‘Today’, October 2016
  • BBC One, ‘The One Show, October 2015
  • Sky News, ‘Sunrise’, September 2015
  • BBC Five Live, September 2015
  • ABC Australia, September 2015
  • BBC2, Armada: 12 Days to Save England, August 2015
  • Presenter, BBC Arts, ‘The Barbershop in the Eighteenth Century’, – http:/
  • BBC4, ‘Hidden Killers of the Tudor Home’, BBC4, February 2015
  • BBC Radio 3, Free Thinking Festival, Sage, Gateshead, ‘Beards, Whiskers and the History of Pogonotomy’
  • Returning Guest, ‘Cerys on 6’, BBC 6Music
  • ITV, ‘Britannia’s Secret Treasures’, June 2013

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