Some of my favourite history bloggers: – homepage of the ‘Practitioners in Early Modern England, Wales and Ireland, c. 1500 – c. 1715’ project at the University of Exeter, upon which I’m a research fellow. – the fantastic blog of my colleague Dr Laura Sangha, with a huge range of articles about early modern history and popular culture – early modern recipes and remedies in all their glory. – Posts about early modern history in all its guises. Really interesting and always entertaining. – Really enjoy this blog with posts on a wide variety of subjects by J.G. Burdette – Jillian Linster’s blog, with great articles on early modern medical literature. – An excellent blog about the history of sexuality, run by Dr Justin Bengry and Professor Katherine Harvey – excellent blog on the history of science and medicine with fantastic sources and articles. – blog of the wonderful Wellcome library in London. – Sharon Howard’s blog on all things early modern. Check out her links to early modern resources online.

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